Member XXL – SafePharm UK Review. Effective penis enlargement?

Member XXL is a dietary supplement that, based on natural ingredients, can help enlarge a member by up to 9 cm – this is what the manufacturer says on the official website of the product. How is this even possible? The answer to this question is the influence of active ingredients on the cavernous bodies that are in the penis.

To find out about the effectiveness of Member XXL tablets, read on or go straight to the official website of the manufacturer where you can make a safe purchase.

Since the penis enlargement method is so simple, why so few men decide to take such a step? Most often, it is probably some kind of fear or even shyness before buying this type of preparation. Few men are able to admit to having the problem of a small member.

Fortunately, Member XXL can be ordered online. The manufacturer cares about discretion – the inside is well packed and, above all, masked, so that only you will know what is inside the package .

Member XXL is a product that is considered to be one of the most effective in its category and this begs the question – can any pills have any effect on the size of the innately? People who have never had contact with such agents will answer without hesitation that it is impossible, but this article will show you that it is possible.

Member XXL – what is it?

Member XXL is one of the most popular natural means to enlarge a member. It allows you to gain up to nine centimeters in a non-invasive way – thanks to this product the member can become not only longer, but also thicker. The supplement is based on the best natural ingredients that have been tested many times.,

It sounds like an abstraction – “natural penis enlargement” , but contrary to appearances, it is a feasible process.

Effective penis enlargement

Despite the assurances of sexologists that it is finesse not the size and shape of the penis, men are constantly looking for effective methods to enlarge their birth. Thanks to this, you can not only change your sex life, but also build your self-confidence and get rid of complexes. It may seem that such penis enlargement is all about advantages!

Penis size in the light of research

According to the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI), the average length of a penis at rest is 9.17 cm and when fully erected 13.11 cm. Many men, even though they are in the middle of the range , are looking for methods for a few extra centimeters.

Penis size and women’s preferences

UK BMI reports that the length of the female vagina is about 8-9 cm, so if you have a penis even below the average, you can satisfy a woman. What’s more, the vagina adjusts to the shape and size of the male genitalia, and too large a penis (over 18-20 cm) may cause pain during intercourse, which may discourage the partner from further attempts at intercourse.

One of the most popular studies is based on as many as 33 penis models in 3D. Using this method, women accurately recalled the size of the model, although they made more errors with penis length than with girth. Women preferred a penis slightly larger in circumference and length (16.3 cm long and 12.7 cm thick) than the average indicates. This study suggests that women prefer penises only slightly larger than average. Please note that this study is based on 3D models and does not have to fully reflect reality. The entire study can be checked at

Member enlargement – is it possible?

Penis enlargement is nothing new, and interest in this topic has been present among men for generations. It used to be much more difficult, but today, thanks to the development, it can be done quickly with the help of an operation or a little longer, but with the use of non-invasive home methods and e.g. tablets.

Penis enlargement is possible, and there are many methods to do so. If you decide to take one of them, it is worth finding as much confirmed information about it as possible , because in some cases the wrong approach can lead to side effects. It is also worth bearing in mind that almost all methods take time to notice the first results.

Penis enlargement methods

There are many methods by which you can enlarge a member. Today we are lucky to live in a time where humanity is the most developed, so the choice of methods is really big. There are methods that allow for an immediate effect and those that take some time. Usually, however, the former may be associated with complications or side effects, which is why many men choose non-invasive natural methods.

Here are some of the most popular methods of penis enlargement.

Penis enlargement surgery

The methods of enlargement that give immediate results most often come down to complicated surgical operations. During this procedure, the ligaments that connect the penis with the pubic bone are incised, which makes the penis lower and, as a result, appear longer.

However, penis enlargement surgery is very expensive and despite the immediate effect, complications can occur . Most often after operations there are problems with hitting the target and locating the G point. Moreover, according to sexologists, unstable erectile dysfunction may occur after the operation.

Penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid

This is one of the newest ways to enlarge your birth that is performed by aesthetic medicine clinics and has nothing to do with surgery . The treatment consists in injecting hyaluronic acid into the penis with a special preparation. It is a natural substance that has no side effects and is biodegradable in the body. Interestingly, many women use this method to enlarge their lips.

The entire procedure is performed under anesthesia, so there is no discomfort. This form of enlargement gives satisfactory results – usually you can expect a member to be lengthened by 1-3 cm and thickened by 2-5 cm.

Unfortunately, this type of penis enlargement also has one big disadvantage – it is not permanent . Due to the fact that hyaluronic acid is degraded, the effect can be enjoyed for about 1-2 years . Of course, if there are no contraindications, such a procedure can be performed regularly, but not everyone can afford it, because it costs about 2,000.

Penis enlargement pumps

The penis pump is a transparent cylinder into which a penis is inserted . Then, with the help of a pump, air is forced into it, which causes the corpus cavernosum to enlarge and more blood reaches them.

When the penis is of a satisfactory size, a special ring should be placed at the base of the penis to keep the blood in it during intercourse. After intercourse is finished, remove the ring.

The use of the pump only gives a temporary effect for the duration of the intercourse. Although there are voices that penis enlargement may be associated with enlargement of the corpus cavernosum, there are no confirmed studies on this.

Extenders for penis enlargement

Extenders can be translated from English as extension cords . Extenders are special devices that enlarge the penis by stretching. Unfortunately, such an extension cord should be worn for several hours a day for up to 6 months.

While wearing the extender, the tissues of the penis are stretched, but this is gentle enough not to cause any discomfort.

Extenders can enlarge the penis by 2-3 cm, but thus can lead to unpleasant side effects such as painful erections, sensory disturbances in the glans or impaired blood supply to the penis. These side effects can be irreversible. What’s more, there is no guarantee of the effects, and if you manage to achieve any, they can only be temporary.

Penis enlargement exercises

According to some sexologists, thanks to properly selected exercises, it is possible to enlarge the penis. These should be exercises recommended by a urologist or sex doctor. Perhaps the first better exercises from the Internet will work, but it is still worth agreeing this topic with a specialist, because even the seemingly easiest exercises may turn out to be harmful.

You can find a lot of exercises on the Internet that can affect penis enlargement. Remember that with their help, you usually have to wait at least a few months for visible effects, so if someone assures that you will gain a few centimeters after just a few weeks, take it with a grain of salt.

Penis enlargement pills

The last popular method of penis enlargement are tablets based on natural ingredients. These drugs are not medications and do not require a prescription to purchase them. What is worth knowing before buying such tablets?

It is worth choosing proven preparations , because many manufacturers feed on the naivety of men. Usually effective means contain ingredients such as ginseng, saffron, ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto or ground mace. Of course, these are just some of the natural ingredients that can affect your penis size.

How do penis enlargement pills work?

Regular use of such agents can bring about similar effects to herbal potency pills. This means that you can count on an improvement in your overall sexual performance , easy achievement and maintenance of an erection , and an increase in your sex drive .

The use of such agents brings much more blood to the penis and fills the cavernous bodies, which may expand over time. With regular intercourse or exercise, the effects can be even more visible.

Unfortunately, there are no conclusive studies that would suggest an enlarging effect of any tablets. Nevertheless, the use of measures based on natural ingredients may promote penis enlargement due to the impact on the cavernous body of the penis.

Is it worth enlarging the penis?

This is one of the questions that you should answer yourself. The penis size is often a source of frustration and even complexes. A large penis is not only greater self-confidence, but also a great sexual satisfaction, but is it worth taking such a step?

Is it worth it? It all depends on you – if you really need it, there is nothing to stop you. Attempting to enlarge your penis can also restore the former vigor in your relationship, and as usual – if she settles in bed, it also settles in the relationship.

There are many methods to choose from and it is only up to you which one you choose. If you fall on tablets, you will have to wait a while for the effects and although there are no official studies that would confirm their effectiveness, the tablets may still be helpful, because the ingredients of the best preparations may affect the blood supply to the cavernous bodies of the penis, which may cause their growth . However, in order for such a process to occur, regular sexual activity or appropriate exercise is needed . Without these elements, penis enlargement may be difficult.

Member XXL – composition and properties

Member XXL is a top-shelf product, so you can expect that the manufacturer has used the best ingredients in the right doses. Natural ingredients guarantee safe operation – this is very important, because rather everyone would like to avoid unpleasant side effects. On the other hand, appropriately high doses of the ingredients used guarantee satisfactory operation.

Member XXL – Composition

The manufacturer decided to use the best natural ingredients that can have an effect on proper blood filling and nourishment of the cavernous bodies of the penis. Due to the fact that the composition is based on natural ingredients, the product is safe for health and should not cause side effects .

The manufacturer has selected ingredients that have been considered the best aphrodisiacs for years . On the official website, we read that the formula was developed carefully and with attention to the use of ingredients of the best origin .

Not only the selection of ingredients matters – the optimal dose is also important . The manufacturer states that Member XXL contains exactly as many active substances as needed to obtain the effect of penis enlargement .

In front of you are the ingredients that were used in the product.


It is believed that this ingredient has a positive effect on the work of the entire body. In the sexual sphere, it is important because it is involved in the production of nitric oxide, which affects the functioning of the circulatory system, and when it does not work properly, it can cause erectile dysfunction . So it can be assumed that l-arginine protects against erection problems .

Due to the fact that l-arginine affects the condition of the circulatory system, sufficient blood can reach the penis to fill the cavernous bodies. Moreover, this ingredient helps in the process of cell division and also supports the building of muscle tissue , which may mean that with regular intercourse and / or proper exercise it may be possible to enlarge the penis.

Fenugreek extract

Fenugreek is a clover-like plant that blooms in the middle of the year (June-July). The most valuable element are the seeds, which are used to create extracts (extracts) – this was also used in Member XXL.

Fenugreek seeds are a rich source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid, as well as minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and potassium.

Fenugreek extract can increase the secretion of gastric and pancreatic juices, as well as saliva. It stimulates the hematopoietic activity of the bone marrow, facilitates the digestion of food and the absorption of ingredients, and also lowers blood sugar levels.

You won’t find publications related to fenugreek and penis enlargement on the Internet, but still this ingredient is an important component of the pills, because says : “One study found benefits in improving sexual arousal and orgasm, and other studies have shown that this herb is safe. “

Terrestrial mace (tribulus terrestris)

It is a plant that comes out once a year and is extracted with steroidal saponins which, as the name suggests, have steroid-like properties. It has been used in Indian and Chinese medicine for centuries. Although the study does not explicitly confirm its properties, it’s a lot of people through it helps to burn fat and increase muscle mass – read on .

Tribulus terrestris can regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels thanks to the presence of flavonoids and phytosterols.

Tribulus Terrestris can be helpful during erectile dysfunction as it can stimulate testosterone production as well as increase sexual performance .

Enlargement of the penis with the use of a terrestrial mole is only guesswork, because there have never been any studies that would confirm such an effect.

However, it can be assumed that regular consumption of this ingredient may have an effect on penis enlargement provided regular sexual activity or proper exercise , due to the fact that tribulus terrestris promotes building muscle mass.

Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng)

The properties of this herb were used in Far East medicine 4,000 years ago. Ginseng owes its properties to active substances, which it contains about 200 – a very impressive result that no other plant can boast of.

Out of such a large amount of substances , ginsenosides deserve special attention , thanks to which the internal organs of the body are better oxygenated. As a result, we can feel more energy, and physical and mental effort becomes easier. Ginsenosides can also speed up the convalescence period and stimulate the nervous system, which significantly increases resistance to numerous infections.

Ginseng can stimulate the heart and lower the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, but at the same time increase the level of good cholesterol. It can act as an anticoagulant and lower blood sugar levels – interestingly, some believe that it is worth using ginseng supplements when treating diabetes.

Ginseng has many properties, but this is not what this entry is about … In short: ginseng can improve memory and concentration, it can reduce soreness, it is able to reduce fatigue …

Not only men should know that panax ginseng can increase libido , as women can also feel the effects of this natural booster. Thanks to ginseng, more blood reaches the genitals , which means that in men, the cavernous bodies are well filled with blood. A study by Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. confirmed its operation. In the study summary, we can read: “KRG treatment significantly improved sexual desire, arousal, orgasm and satisfaction.” The study can be checked at

It is worth emphasizing that not every ginseng is able to raise the libido! According to scientists from the Asian Medical Center in Seoul, it is only Korean ginseng, such as that found in Member XXL, that shows this effect.

Can it contribute to penis enlargement? While there is no research on this, it can be hypothesized that panax ginseng may have minimal effect during natural penis enlargement due to improved blood flow . When more blood reaches the penis, the cavernous bodies are stretched. With regular sexual activity or proper training, there is a chance of penis enlargement.

Saw palmetto fruit extract

The saw palmetto has been used in traditional medicine since around the nineteenth century, or at least that’s when it was noticed that it was used by the Florida Indians. The local people used this plant to fight problems such as prostate hypertrophy, swelling and atrophy of the testicles, as well as erectile dysfunction.

Saw palmetto is believed to reduce the activity of 5-α-reductase , the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT (5-alpha-reductase). DHT is particularly hard on in middle age, leading to an enlarged prostate.

Thanks to the saw palmetto, it is possible to reduce baldness! Some studies suggest that DHT, not testosterone, is largely responsible for androgenetic alopecia. Thus, decreased 5-alpha reductose activity may contribute to reduced alopecia.

The saw palmetto may influence the regulation of the secretion of sex hormones. Moreover, it is a rich source of phytosterols. The enlargement of the prostate gland is one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction in middle age, and the necessary condition required for penis enlargement is the absence of sexual dysfunction. This ingredient does not have a direct effect on enlargement, but it does help to ensure sexual performance.

Chinese citrus fruit extract

Chinese schisandra is a plant that has been used in Far Eastern medicine for millennia. The red fruit of this plant is a remedy for many ailments. Some people make tinctures from it!

Schisandra fruit can help with the states of irritability, anxiety, weakness, as well as physical and mental fatigue. Lignans stimulate the central nervous system. This fruit is similar to ginseng.

Schisandra chinensis extract can protect the liver from damage and support its regeneration. Moreover, thanks to modern phytotherapy, the fruit can be used by people who have heart problems. Many people believe that it can help lower levels of bad cholesterol and blood sugar.

Chinese lemon can be helpful in building muscle strength and endurance. Athletes use it because it increases the body’s efficiency.

This ingredient is a natural aphrodisiac that increases sexual performance in both women and men. BBC reports that in ancient China, a decoction of Chinese schisandra leaves was used to increase sexual potency by a factor of 10 .

Can this ingredient contribute to penis enlargement? There are no studies that support this, but considering that natural penis enlargement requires regular sexual activity or appropriate exercise, it can be assumed that increasing the desire for sex will make this process much easier.


This ingredient has been used in medicine for at least 5,000 years. Its production is extremely labor-intensive, therefore it is considered the most expensive spice in the world. To obtain 1 kg of spice, as many as 150,000 saffron flowers are needed.

Saffron has over 150 aromatic volatile compounds in it, the most important being crocetin, carotenes, lycopene and zeaxanthin. It is worth highlighting the flavonoids and safranal, thanks to which the plant has its characteristic smell.

Saffron (a plant) may have digestive and antispasmodic properties, as well as improve appetite and mood. It can have antidepressant, antibacterial, anticonvulsant and antioxidant properties.

Saffron can increase vitality, and thanks to its anti-stress properties, it will make sex more enjoyable . This is a similar case to Chinese Schizandra – it may not directly translate into penis enlargement, but it will not definitely improve the conditions in the bedroom.

Black pepper

This spice is known all over the world and is a must-have in every UK cuisine. However, few people know that it has many health properties.

Black pepper is a rich source of piperine , which has the ability to break down fat cells. That is why piperine is often used by people on a reduction diet. In order to use the properties of pepper itself, it would have to be consumed in very large amounts, which, however, might not be beneficial for health … Thanks to technology, it is possible to extract piperine from black pepper and this form of supplementation is more beneficial.

Black pepper can improve the functioning of the respiratory tract as well as promote a good mood by stimulating the production of dopamine and serotonin. Piperine is not only a fat burner – for centuries, this ingredient has been helpful in nausea, flatulence and diarrhea.

Piperine found in black pepper can improve concentration and performance of the body. Black pepper can help to improve sexual performance.

Member XXL – Properties

The above ingredients have an effect on the corpus cavernosum – they expand blood vessels in a noninvasive way . This can safely enlarge the penis, but let’s agree that 9 cm are rather extreme cases when the penis is really small.

Member XXL are good potency pills . The ingredients allow you to get more satisfying sex, so there is no need to use additional measures. Member XXL shows a comprehensive action that allows you to please both yourself and your partner.

The manufacturer on his website states that Member XXL is a non-invasive method of penis enlargement that provides quick results. Tablets not only help enlarge the penis, but also make intercourse more pleasant. Thanks to the use of natural ingredients, the preparation is safe to use.

On the official website of the product, we learn that thanks to regular use, the penis can grow up to 9 cm – it takes more than 3 months. However, we do not know if it is the value of the length or the length and girth. Even if it’s the latter, it’s still pretty good.

How Member XXL actually works?

Rather, not everyone can count on 9 additional centimeters – such a result is reserved for a few people with an extremely small member and exceptionally high happiness. Certainly, many people are convinced that such preparations are a drink on water, so let’s take a closer look at it and maybe you will change your mind about penis enlargement pills.

Certainly, basing penis enlargement on the use of tablets alone, it is impossible to achieve satisfactory results. Well, why should the pills make the penis bigger in 3 months by a few centimeters?

However, the same situation is with building muscle mass – just swallowing capsules or drinking protein shakes or creatine will not make us gain an impressive figure. Achieving satisfactory results is possible thanks to training, and the supplement is only an addition that supports this complicated process.

The same can be said about pills for penis enlargement – this is only a supplement that takes care of good training conditions. Training is, of course, nothing more than regular sexual activity or special exercises for penis enlargement.

Member XXL, which contains many valued natural aphrodisiacs, ensures that enough blood reaches the penis, which then fill the corpus cavernosum. The more blood supplied to the cavernous bodies, the larger the penis. In addition, Member XXL contains ingredients that promote the construction of new cells , thanks to which, with sexual activity and appropriate exercises, penis enlargement becomes possible. What’s more, important nutrients that help the formation of new cells reach the penis along with the blood.

Here, however, it is worth adding that there are no studies that would confirm such an action, but according to many opinions, a skillful combination of the supplement with sexual activity can bring satisfactory results.

Is Member XXL worth using? Is it working?

There may be voices here that since sexual activity or exercise play such a big role, no pills are needed. Of course, without the use of good pills, penis enlargement may also be possible, but with a good supplement, the results should be much better.

It is enough to get acquainted with the ingredients that are in Member XXL capsules to realize how important they can be when enlarging the penis. Member XXL capsules can increase the desire for sex, strengthen the erection, lead to the cavernous bodies much more blood, and support the production of new cells.

Is it worth using this supplement? You have to answer this question yourself. It is worth getting acquainted with the effects of the ingredients contained in the capsules and drawing conclusions.

Member XXL – Effects of application

On the official website, we can read that Member XXL enlarges the penis from the first day of use. The first easy-to-measure effects can be noted after three weeks of regular use – during this time the penis may lengthen by an average of 2 cm. After the second month of use, the penis may be even 6 cm larger, and after three months it may be as much as 8 cm. On the Internet, some websites show the effects in photos.

Looking at what ingredients Member XXL contains, you can come to the conclusion that the first effects of using the supplement may in fact be an increased desire for sex and a stronger erection.

Using tablets every day, and regularly having intercourse and exercising appropriate exercises, the vision of enlarging the penis by about 2 cm in a month seems quite real. The manufacturer believes that the use of capsules itself can contribute to this, but due to the lack of any research, it is worth combining the tablets with appropriate exercises.

So is it possible to enlarge the penis even by 9 cm? Under the right conditions, perhaps so. By combining Member XXL with exercise and regular sexual activity, enlarging the member at least in the circumference itself seems quite possible, and as some websites say, for some women it is the thickness of the member that matters more!

Lengthening a member is a bit more difficult task, and an additional 9 cm seems unlikely. It is difficult to take any position on this, as there is a lack of research on it. Getting an extra two, three or four centimeters in length can be quite likely.

I must admit that Member XXL certainly favors the natural enlargement of the member. This preparation can eliminate erectile dysfunction, and without it enlargement is impossible. In order for the enlargement to occur, the corpus cavernosum must be abundantly filled with blood, and this is what Member XXL takes care of very well.

Member XXL – How to apply? Dosage from the leaflet

It is very important to use the dietary supplement as recommended by the manufacturer. Inappropriate use may lead to no effects, and too high a dose will not bring better results, and may lead to an undesirable effect.

How to take Member XXL?

The manufacturer recommends 2 capsules a day – preferably 30 minutes before a meal. Take a drink of water each time. It is not recommended to increase the dose as it will not affect the speed of the effects and in some cases may have negative effects on the body.

Member XXL – Contraindications

The manufacturer does not provide for the use of the supplement among minors .

Member XXL and alcohol

It is not recommended to consume alcohol during the treatment with Member XXL tablets, because it is often responsible for erection problems. Its presence may disturb the main property of the supplement – the expansion of the corpus cavernosum.

In order to enlarge a member, it is very important that the mechanism of achieving and maintaining an erection works flawlessly. Alcohol, unfortunately, is known to reduce sexual performance in men.

For the duration of the treatment, the effects may be enhanced by a diet to strengthen erection and exercises for penis enlargement. Member XXL is the perfect remedy for people who dream of a thicker and larger member. It is definitely a supplement for people who get into complexes due to size. It is the perfect choice for people who also want to improve their sexual performance.

Member XXL – side effects

The use of Member XXL should not cause side effects, because the product was created from natural ingredients that are safe for health. Of course, if the consumer is allergic, there may be an allergic reaction, but an allergy to any of the ingredients used in Member XXL happens very rarely.

When searching the Internet, it is difficult to find complaints about an adverse effect of the product, so it can be concluded that the product will be completely safe for a healthy person.

Member XXL – Reviews

Member XXL penis enlargement pills have recently been a hit in terms of sales. This means that more opinions are constantly appearing on the Internet. We can find them on forums, but not only, because for some time even bloggers have started reviewing these popular tablets.

It is worth approaching the opinions of supplements with a certain distance, regardless of whether they are positive or negative, because we do not know who their author is. Usually, we cannot find out anything about the lifestyle of such people from the comments. Moreover, it happens that opinions are commissioned – both positive and negative.

Member XXL – negative opinions

There is nothing in the world that does not collect negative opinions. Why is Member XXL rated this way by some men?

It can be assumed that the first group of people who negatively evaluate this supplement has never dealt with it . This is quite a common phenomenon – there are people who, despite the lack of the slightest experience with supplements, think that they do not work at all.

Another group that can negatively evaluate Member XXL are the so-called internet trolls . In short, these are people who deliberately boycott various topics – just like that.

Note that some reviews are custom-written . Negative opinions are usually commissioned by the competition, which in this way prompts the reader to find a better alternative. Usually, such opinions address the subject of alternatives and go something like this: “Product XXX does not work, but I recommend the product YYY. Here’s the link.

We finally get to the opinions of real users who actually used Member XXL. Why didn’t the product work for them? This can be influenced by many factors. First of all, too short a time of use, problems with getting an erection, lack of sexual activity, lack of proper exercise, inadequate diet or generally poor use.

Member XXL – forum reviews

Most of the reviews about Member XXL can be read on internet forums – probably because you feel anonymous in such a place. Especially opinions from online forums should be taken with a certain distance , because everyone can write there.

In forums, sometimes you don’t even need an account. Some pages allow you to write in the form of a guest. It is also worth paying attention to the opinions of “users” who have created accounts to comment only on Member XXL. If you can access the profile of such a person, the statistics usually show one or more posts and a few minutes of login time.

Internet forums are often used by the so-called Whisperers, i.e. people who pretend to take part in a discussion, but in fact conduct marketing activities aimed at drawing attention to a given product. Sometimes these are positive comments about Member XXL, and sometimes negative ones with the recommendation of a different preparation. Such activities, contrary to appearances, are not carried out by producers, but intermediaries.

Are forums a reliable source of opinion about Member XXL? Yes and no. It is worth verifying who is the author of the opinion, because many of them are untrue. It is also worth taking into account the fact that usually when something works, we rarely decide to write about it on the Internet. The manufacturer on its website states that 96% of consumers are satisfied with the operation of Member XXL.

Member XXL – Doctors’ opinions

Doctors are reluctant to speak about dietary supplements, pills and other penis enlargement methods. There are no official statements by doctors about the operation of Member XXL. Looking at the composition of the preparation, it can be stated that it is safe for health.

Member XXL – Price. Where to buy?

Looking at how much the operation of enlarging the member costs, it may seem that Member XXL should be paid a lot, but nothing more wrong, because this measure can be purchased at a very reasonable amount , and when buying more packaging, the manufacturer offers an attractive discount.

The best place to buy will be the official store , because there are people who are engaged in counterfeiting popular tablets, and their main place of sale are classifieds websites. This topic is elaborated on below.

Member XXL – how much does it cost?

On the official website, the standard price for a package that is sufficient for 1 month is 179 . Whether it’s a lot or a little is an individual matter, but it certainly costs little compared to penis enlargement surgery. What’s more, it is worth taking into account the fact that Member XXL is considered a leader among preparations for penis enlargement , and it happens that less popular means can cost more. Also, does this preparation cost so much? You have to answer this question yourself.

Member XXL – Promotions and discounts

Fortunately, Member XXL can be purchased at a lower price than the standard. Sometimes you can come across a 20% discount on one package, i.e. we will pay about 143 . This price is definitely more tempting!

For people who plan a full treatment with Member XXL, which lasts at least 3 months, the manufacturer has prepared attractive discounts :

  • 3 pieces of Member XXL over 30% cheaper
  • 6 pieces of Member XXL 50% cheaper

It is much more profitable to buy one of the promotional packages for at least 3 months. On the one hand, you can take care of the uninterrupted continuity of the penis enlargement treatment, and on the other hand, you can save a lot of money – if you buy 6 Member XXL pieces, you may have over PLN 500 in your pocket . It is much more cost effective than ordering one piece every 30 days.

Member XXL – where to buy?

It might seem that Member XXL can be ordered in many different places, but it’s not that colorful in this regard. The official website of the manufacturer is definitely the surest place to buy , where we will not only order the original product for sure, but also receive a money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction , as well as attractive discounts .

Member XXL cannot be found in a pharmacy or in stationary supplement stores. The product is sold only via the Internet.

The manufacturer cares about the customer’s comfort

If the tablets are ordered on the official website, we don’t have to worry about anything, because the manufacturer cares about the discretion of its customers . Not only is the package very well disguised , but the markings on the bill of lading do not raise any suspicions that this is just a measure for penis enlargement. From the moment the order is placed and until the package is picked up from the courier, we don’t have to worry about anything.

Watch out for counterfeit preparations!

The so-called. counterfeit products have been a scourge for many years. Supplements that are very popular are regularly counterfeited and sold mainly on popular classifieds websites such as or Gumtree. In addition, Member XXL can be found on price comparison websites. At first glance, the offers look fair and do not raise any suspicions – this is due to the fact that scammers use photos from the official website.

The appearance of the preparation is actually a secondary matter. The most important thing is what is in the capsules, and this is usually a mystery. By ordering a counterfeit, you can not only buy something that does not work at all, but in the worst case scenario, it causes side effects and health problems .

How not to get stretched?

It is very simple – just place an order on the official website of the manufacturer . When you try to buy Member XXL on the auction site, you may fall prey to scammers who counterfeit many popular products. Of course you can try, but is it worth the risk?

Member XXL – how to get the best possible results?

The best possible results are those that the human body allows. In one person, the maximum result will be about 3 cm, and in another, even a minimum of 6 cm. It all depends on the body, penis size and commitment. The manufacturer recommends using Member XXL for at least 3 months.

Just swallowing the capsules will certainly bring about such effects as better sex drive and stronger longer erections, but it will not make the penis much larger immediately. Enlarging a penis takes time and is committed – just like when building muscle mass you need training …

Regular sexual activity

To achieve success with Member XXL, it is worth having sex . During strong excitement, the most blood reaches the penis, and this makes the corpus cavernosum filled with blood like never before. Intercourse can be treated as some kind of training that can affect penis enlargement.

Penis enlargement exercises

This form of penis enlargement is very time-consuming, and satisfactory results can be obtained only after 2 or 3 months. You have to remember that we combine the exercises with Member XXL, which influences many important factors . The preparation uses ingredients conducive to the development of tissues , so thanks to this combination, the effects should appear much faster.

Internet penis enlargement exercises are abundant. There are various methods of stretching, the so-called jelqing, kegel, weight gain and much, much more.

Summary – Is Member XXL worth buying?

Member XXL is a preparation that was created for men struggling with the problem of a small penis. Regular use of the tablets is to provide more blood to the penis to fill the cavernous bodies of the penis. Thanks to the use of the best ingredients – including those used by athletes to build muscle tissue – it is possible to enlarge the penis by even a few additional centimeters.

Is it worth buying and starting to use Member XXL? You have to answer this question yourself. From this article you already know what the product consists of and what action it can offer. If you want to know even more about Member XXL, go to the official store.

It is worth remembering about regular sexual activity and / or exercises to enlarge the penis. This combination guarantees the best results. You also have to be patient, because the treatment should last, at least 3 months. You should also watch out for fakes that do not work completely.

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