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Effective potency pills – ranking for July 2020

Potency tablets are available on prescription and over the counter. Undoubtedly, it all depends on the composition. Prescription preparations are drugs that contain sildenafil most often. Over-the-counter remedies are advertised as potency drugs, but they are clearly not drugs! These are dietary supplements that undoubtedly consist of plant substances with proven effects. In this case, go to the doctor for a prescription or buy an over the counter?

Potency pills are for men regardless of age, while such preparations adequately increase sexual performance, but not in every case, because if problems are caused by stress or shyness, taking the capsules will not help – undoubtedly, the best solution will be to talk to your partner. .

Without a prescription, you can order over-the-counter products online in a few minutes, so it is a very convenient solution. Products recommended by Safe Pharm Co Uk are of the highest quality and help to achieve very good results. Each of the preparations is shipped in discreet packaging! It is very important with over-the-counter supplements that they are actually tested for effectiveness and safety. Therefore, each of the following measures should be safe, should not cause side effects, and give satisfactory results.

Ranking of over-the-counter potency pills

Over-the-counter potency pills have recently become a very popular alternative to drugs that can only be purchased in pharmacies. The great advantage of over-the-counter funds is the fact that they can be ordered online. Manufacturers take great care of their customers and most of them ship their products in a well-disguised form, all with your comfort in mind. Our ranking of the best potency pills contains only those products that are sent in a discreet way.

This ranking was created with us – guys in mind. We know very well how difficult it is to find an over-the-counter product that will work effectively (and safely!), So we decided to create our own ranking presenting the best over-the-counter potency pills. All the presented preparations together have one feature – they are safe to use. They do not cause the side effects that usually occur with medication.

We have prepared a list of all over-the-counter potency remedies available in Poland, and then we rejected tablets that could be potentially dangerous to health by using ingredients of artificial origin. We scored mainly on the presence of such ingredients as ginseng, maca root, l-arginine, fenugreek and mace. These are natural ingredients known around the world for their beneficial effects in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. An important element in creating the ranking was also referring to the opinions of Internet users. In the end, it worked – these are the best potency pills!

Eron Plus + Eron Plus Before – according to Internet users, the best set for erectile dysfunction

These are by far the most recommended pills. The preparation is known to be very effective and long-lasting. It is one of the few drugs on the market that comes in two versions: a supplement for regular use and capsules for use before intercourse.

The supplement was created under the supervision of many doctors. It contains the best aphrodisiacs that humanity has been using for years to strengthen libido. According to the manufacturer’s assurances, Eron Plus is safe for health and does not cause any side effects . It mainly improves blood circulation, causes a permanent and strong erection and allows for longer and better sex.

Eron Plus contains the best aphrodisiacs:

  • Maca Root – increases libido and stimulates the secretion of testosterone . It also has a health effect: it improves physical and mental well-being,
  • L-arginine – improves the patency of blood vessels , thanks to which the blood supply to the penis is unhindered,
  • Korean Ginseng – has a positive effect on the quality and life expectancy of sperm . In addition, it widens and clears blood vessels,
  • Tribulus terrestris – stimulates the production of testosterone, increases sex drive and overall sexual performance
  • Fenugreek – improves blood circulation and has a relaxing effect.

Eron Plus focuses mainly on improving the quality of the circulatory system. In most cases, it is the neglected blood system that is responsible for erectile dysfunction. Often the cause is also inadequate diet. Eron Plus provides the body with many valuable vitamins and minerals, which may also affect sexual performance.

You should take two capsules a day of your regular supplement. This is to remove the underlying problem with erection in such a way that you do not need any aids after the treatment. The second set, i.e. Eron Plus Before, should be taken before intercourse (2-4 capsules). It works like a natural Viagra.

The producer of the Eron Plus supplement takes the problems of its customers very seriously, so it cares about discretion. When ordering Eron Plus, you do not have to worry about anyone seeing what you ordered. The package is very well disguised and nobody will know what’s inside!

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Erectile dysfunction pills

Erectile dysfunction is undoubtedly a very embarrassing problem that, if ignored, not only starts to distract us from successful intercourse, but also can ruin the relationship! Sex is the basis of a healthy relationship, so if you are on this site, you probably want to change something in your life. There are more and more erectile dysfunction pills every year, so you should use certain sources. Our ranking includes the best over-the-counter preparations!

Erectile dysfunction – what is it?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to obtain and / or maintain an erection that is required for satisfactory intercourse. It is a very embarrassing male problem – especially when it arises at the least expected moment. Fortunately, there are methods that make ED a thing of the past!

The causes of erectile dysfunction

Male erectile dysfunction can vary depending on age. In men up to the age of 40, stress, inadequate diet and lack of physical activity are the most commonly referred to. In older men, the problem is most often caused by an enlarged prostate, coronary heart disease or arterial hypertension. In addition, it is worth mentioning that steroids used to increase muscle mass also cause erection problems – even in 20-year-olds! – reports emedicinehealth.com

Potency pills – how do they work?

The preparations are definitely better for older men, because among them the problem is most often caused by arterial hypertension, prostate enlargement or coronary disease. In young people (20 years old), the problem may undoubtedly be caused by factors such as stress, modesty, and the use of anabolic steroids. Around the age of 40, the usual problem is physical inactivity and a poor diet – this lowers testosterone and causes problems in the circulatory system.

erection problems

The use of potency pills helps men regain self-confidence. Of course, they act on the circulatory system in such a way that more blood flows to the penis when they are excited . In summary, it is enough to make it harder and bigger. However, this is not the only effect of such preparations, because over-the-counter products delight with their wide action .

To clarify, potency medications do not increase the urge to have sex like the aphrodisiacs that are contained in over-the-counter medications. Of course, they also won’t work if the problem is caused by stress, conflict with your partner, stress or depression.

Herbal potency pills

Some products, such as Eron Plus , Braveran and Vigrax, contain natural substances. Most often, we can find extracts of ginseng, Chinese citrus, mace and maca root. The properties of these plants have been well known to mankind for centuries. First of all, they have a stimulating effect, increase blood pressure, raise libido, increase sensitivity to stimuli – in short, they make sex better. Most often, such specifics are intended for long-term use.

Potency drugs with sildenafil

Some of the specifics contain sildenafil, an active substance well known to everyone thanks to the drug Viagra. Popular remedies include Maxigra and Falsigra – these are prescription drugs, but there are also over-the-counter potency medications with sildenafil available. They are popular because they give immediate effects – they support the relaxation of blood vessels in the penis. As a result, when you get excited, more blood flows into your penis, which allows you to get a full erection. – reports Wikipedia.org

Means for potency with prasterone

Prasterone is another active ingredient that is often found in over-the-counter medications. Drugs of this type are mainly recommended for men over 40, who have confirmed a deficiency of prasterone. It is a steroid hormone. Unfortunately, such drugs give effects only after a few weeks of use, but for some men it is the only solution.

Over-the-counter potency pills – Which one to choose?

There are already so many different remedies in pharmacies and on the Internet that it is probably not difficult to buy a poorly performing remedy. If you care about good performance, it is worth following the opinions of consumers that can be found, of course, on the Internet.

The availability of capsules is also sometimes a problem as hardly anyone goes to the doctor to get a prescription. It seems that the best solution is to buy online , because we do not leave the house and the ordered package is discreet, so only you know what is in it. Therefore, you have to be careful because you can easily order counterfeit popular supplements on auction portals. As a result, the most appropriate solution is to place an order on the manufacturer’s official website.

According to Internet users, the best choice are drugs for potency without a prescription – otherwise dietary supplements without a prescription. In this article, we list some of the best products that consist of so-called aphrodisiacs – plant substances that have been used for centuries in erectile dysfunction. Let us assume that they have an advantage over drugs in that, if used regularly, they can eliminate the cause of the problem for a long time, so that subsequent intercourse can take place without the use of tablets.

Potency pills – how to use?

You should use prescription drugs as directed by your doctor. However, most often a capsule is taken half an hour before intercourse, which allows for trouble-free intercourse.

Over-the-counter potency tablets consisting of plant substances are used in two ways. First of all, the vast majority of preparations exist to eliminate the source of the problem. Then 1-2 capsules are used daily for about three months.

Some supplements work like Viagra-like drugs, i.e. when used about half an hour before intercourse, they allow you to get and maintain an erection, and even naturally increase testosterone levels!

Potency pills – is it safe?

The use of supplements is usually safe for health. The recommended supplements consist of natural ingredients (plant substances) that primarily improve blood circulation. Most often they do not affect the body in any negative way.

It is a bit different with drugs that contain sildenafil. Before starting the use of such drugs, it is worth visiting a doctor to make sure that there are no contraindications. You should be careful with drugs from this group, because with many illnesses and diseases, the use can be very dangerous and very life-threatening.

Often, disorders are the first signal that the body gives us that something is wrong with the blood system. A quick response allows you to fix the problem and continue to enjoy problem-free sex.

Means for potency – are they addictive?

Such measures are not addictive like known stimulants. We can become mentally addicted. If you have felt shame in front of your partner so far, and the capsules have changed that, you will use them to avoid it further. Although you cannot be addicted to cigarettes or alcohol, you need to be moderate. Any substance can be overdosed. For this, such measures should not be combined with alcohol, because this drug reduces sexual performance, and this combination can have a bad effect on the liver.

Potency pills – Reviews

Opinions about potency pills can be found primarily on anonymous male internet forums. Men exchange their observations about erectile dysfunction and products that are supposed to eliminate this problem. In addition to effective action, for many people safety is also very important, because side effects last up to several hours after the end of intercourse. This requirement is met by herbal tablets.

The topic of Eron Plus tablets appears very often on forums. Men really appreciate the double action of the preparation – something like this has not been done before. Many people believe that its power is comparable to the classic blue tablets, but unlike them, Eron Plus does not cause side effects. This is a real revelation!

Negative opinions about potency pills are not always a certain point of reference, because we are all different. We don’t know much about the authors of the opinion – their lifestyle, what causes erectile dysfunction, and to what extent ED is already developed.

Potency pills – how much do they cost and where to buy?

One of the main criteria when choosing potency pills is the price and place of purchase. Not all of us are able to spend a lot of money on a few pills, and rather many men would prefer to avoid buying in a pharmacy. In this case, herbal potency pills, which we have placed in the ranking, are a good choice. They cost relatively little compared to tablets from a pharmacy, and their purchase is very safe – manufacturers care about the discretion of customers, so they ship the goods completely “masked”. Only you know what’s inside.

How much do potency pills cost?

The price range of potency pills is huge. We can pay from a dozen or so Pounds to even over a hundred Pounds for a few tablets in a pharmacy. The price depends on the composition of the tablets and the brand. Most often, the cheapest pills work very poorly and do not bring the expected results.

Herbal potency pills are a better choice, which usually cost around PLN 150, but usually contain 30 to 60 capsules. This is a huge stock that is worth having on hand, because you never know 🙂

Where to buy the best potency pills?

The best preparations that we have included in our ranking are available only on the official websites of the manufacturers to which we have provided links. Buying from an official store is very advantageous as manufacturers offer favorable discounts from time to time and also offer a money-back guarantee and discreet shipping at all times. You don’t have to worry about the moment of picking up the package, because no one will know what’s inside. There are never any signs of potency pills on the package.

Beware of cheaters!

It happens that single plays can be found on classifieds websites like Gumtree or Ebay, but be careful as it happens that some offers are created by scammers who use the popularity of the best means. At first glance, the announcement looks like the original because it is based on photos from the official website. Only after the purchase, it turns out that the ordered tablets differ from the original. How can I fix it? It is best to contact the manufacturer and ask if the attractive offer you have found is simply true. After all, producers know which seller they work with and with which they don’t! Wait for a while and you may save yourself from buying counterfeit tablets.

2 habits that will make potency pills even better

There are times when potency drugs may have a weak effect, but this is not due to the low quality of the drug, but to certain habits that you probably avoid. Satisfactory sexual performance can be maintained for a long time if you do not avoid physical activity and stick to a fairly balanced diet.

Physical activity

It has been known for a long time that physical activity enhances sexual performance. Particularly physical exercise and strength training have a beneficial effect on the body: they strengthen the body’s endurance, strengthen the cardiovascular system, increase testosterone secretion , and improve circulation in the pelvic area. Exercises that are not demanding and performed regularly can affect sexual performance include weighted pull-ups, squats, barbell press, deadlifts and push-ups on bars.


Potency pills in combination with an appropriate diet work even more effectively. Above all, alcohol and cigarettes are the worst evils that contribute most to erectile dysfunction. Another element is all unhealthy fats. It is worth enriching the diet with whole grain cereal products.

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